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Car battery cover for new or used cars

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Battery cover at £29.99 for 24 months cover

Whether you haven’t been driving much or chilly weather has affected the performance of your vehicle's battery, MotorEasy battery protection will ensure you can stay on the road all year round.

When the temperatures drop, extra strain is put on your car and UK drivers tend to experience:

51% more dead batteries

The main purpose of the battery is to power your starter motor, this is considerably more difficult in cold weather

27% more cut outs

Often caused by alternator failures (covered by our car warranty) which then drain your battery

18% more non-starters

Usually caused by cold weather battery issues but can be starter motor problems, which we can help with

If you want protection from your battery failing unexpectedly, get a quote today

Comprehensive Cover

Battery cover for up to £240

Replacement & Disposal

Safe disposal and replacement

Free Battery Check

Complimentary health check worth £60

Read our policy documents for more information

MotorEasy Battery Failure Protection

We'll take care of your battery issues for 2 years*, allowing you to enjoy the best bits of winter and beyond

2 years battery cover for just...


(just £1.25 per month)

No Excess – UK Cover – £240

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